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The aim is to teach participants basic concepts, theories and techniques of Computational Neuroscience. Together with a mentor they develop an individual training program to supplement their previous experience. For this they may choose from a wide range of activities such as workshops, courses and lab rotations. These activities take place at numerous locations of the Bernstein Network as well as at further locations throughout Germany. A joint kick-off workshop with all participants and researchers and a final student retreat complement the two year-long training programs. A student can participate in either the first or the second phase of the program.


  • for second-year MSc students at program start (current round started Sep 2016, next round Sep 2017)
  • experienced faculty mentors advise and guide students in the selection of courses
  • financial support for accomodation and travel to carry out training visits at participating institutions (e.g. lab rotations, block courses, summer schools)



  • for soon-to-be doctoral candidates at program start (current round started Sep 2016, next round Sep 2017)
  • one year fully funded pre-PhD position
  • collaborative project between two labs including exchange visits (e.g. between an experimental and a theoretical lab)
  • voluntary attendance of lectures and courses offered by participating institutions