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Course Octet Stream Acquisition and Analysis of Neural Data
Acquisition of neural data (1st semester): large scale signals (fMRI, Berlin EEG, MEG etc) and cellular signals, hands‐on experience with neural data acquisition techniques. Analysis of neural data (2nd semester): firing rates, spike statistics, spike statistics and the neural code, neural encoding, neural decoding, discrimination and population decoding, information theory, statistical analysis of EEG) data, spatial filters, classification, adaptive classifiers.
Course Models of Higher Brain Functions
Course application/x-troff-ms Models of Neural Systems
Course Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Course Stochastic Processes in Neuroscience
Course Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience: Collective dynamics of biological neural Networks II
Course Neural Networks and Information Processing
Course Theoretical Neurosciences: Computational Neuroscience I
Course Theoretical Neurosciences: Computational Neuroscience II
Course ODS spreadsheet Theoretical Neurosciences: Statistical Methods
Course Computational Neuroscience
Course Programming
Course SIS package Advanced Course on Neural Data Analysis
Course SIS package Introduction to Scientific Programming in Python with Application to Neural Data Analysis
Course Neural Function I
Course Neural Function II
Course Neurophysics (Advanced Studies I)
Course Neurophysics - Labrotation (Advanced Studies II)
Course VCS/ICS calendar Neuro Dynamics (alternating with Neuro-informatics)
Course VCS/ICS calendar Neuro-Informatics
Course Probabilistic Modeling of Perception and Cognition
Course Machine Learning I
Course Machine Learning II
Course Action & Cognition I
Course Action & Cognition II
Course VCS/ICS calendar Bayesian Statistics
Course Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction
Course Colloquium Computer Vision
Course Colloquium of the Institute of Cognitive Science
Course application/x-troff-me Colloquium of the PhD Programme
Course Masters Thesis Project on Visual Perception
Course Sensation and Perception
Course Basics of Brain Connectivity
Course Neuropsychiatric disorders
Course D source code Methods Academy “Multi-site Communication in the Brain”
Course In vivo Electrophysiology
Course ECMAScript program Mathematical methods in the neurosciences
Course Stochastic Dynamics and Spiking Networks
Course Theoretical Neuroscience for Biologists I
Course Theoretical Neuroscience
Course Introduction to Computational Neuroscience
Course Geometric and topological methods for the analysis of data in biology, neurobiology and other fields
Course Computational Neuroscience: A Lecture Series from Models to Applications
Course Fundamentals in Neuroscience
Course Computational Neuroscience
Course Theoretical Biophysics and Cellular Physiology
Course The Neural Code
Course Models of neural systems
Course VCS/ICS calendar Neural Dynamics
Course Computational Neuroscience - Introduction
Course Machine Intelligence
Course Statistical mechanics of neural networks
Course Fundamentals of Computer Science for Neuroengineering
Course Fundamentals of Mathematics for Neuroengineering
Course Machine Learning I
Course Machine Learning II
Course Practical Short Course Methods for Computational Neuroscience
Course Practical Course Methods in Functional Imaging
Course chemical/x-molconn-Z Neuroscientific Data Analysis in Matlab
Course Computational Foundations of Cognitive Science
Course Machine Learning I
Course Compartmental Modeling of Biophysically and Anatomically Realistic Neurons
Course chemical/x-pdb Models for Neural Circuit Development
Course Systems Engineering Meets Life Sciences I
Course Pascal source code Individual Project in Computational Neuroscience group
Course Pascal source code Individual Project in Auditory Neuroscience group
Course chemical/x-molconn-Z Introduction to Biological Data Analysis in Matlab
Course Computational Neuroscience - Statistical Learning
Course Invertebrate Neuroscience
Course VCS/ICS calendar Communication Acoustics
Course VCS/ICS calendar Neuroprosthetics
Course Psychoacoustics and Audiological Applications
Course ECMAScript program Neural Experimental Techniques
Course Ethics and Neuroscience
Course Mathematics Prep-Course
Course Neurobiology Prep-Course
Course Computational Cognitive Modeling
Course Applied Cognitive Modeling
Course Advanced Seminar in Computational Neuroscience
Course Seminar Neuronal Mechanisms of Vision
Course Seminar Spatial and Temporal Cognition
Course Octet Stream Information Dynamics/Information theoretic analysis of neural data
Course SIS package ANDA: Advanced Course on Neural Data Analysis
Course Theoretical Neuroscience – Correlation structure of neuronal networks
Course Cortical Structure and Function
Course VCS/ICS calendar Statistical Physics
Course Einführung in Computational Neuroscience
Course Modellierung von Wahrnehmung und Handlung
Course Modeling Episodic Memory and Spatial Navigation
Course Mathematical Psychology
Course VCS/ICS calendar Nonlinear dynamics