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Bochum Computational Modelling Running seminar

Computational Cognitive Modeling

The human mind is most intimately familiar to us, yet we understand very little about how it functions. To study the mind, the field of cognitive science pursues an interdisciplinary approach. One of the pillars of cognitive science is computational modeling. This seminar will survey models of perception, memory and action. Rather than focusing on the mathematical details, we will discuss the motivation, application and noteworthy properties of the models, including their strengths and shortcomings. Class work will include student presentations and discussions. The topics will be assigned to the
students in the first meeting.

seminar, weekly


Institut für Neuroinformatik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Cheng et al.
Winter, 2h per week / 3 ECTS

Capacity is limited to 20 students

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