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Frankfurt Computational Modelling Block course

Compartmental Modeling of Biophysically and Anatomically Realistic Neurons

This research block provides opportunity to participate in a real research project; Topics: modeling neurons (from the hippocampus/cortex) at different levels, ranging from neurons with simplified morphology to neurons with full morphology; modeling synaptic plasticity in these neurons; learning techniques for building, managing, and using models that are closely linked to experimental data, especially those that involve hippocampal cells with complex anatomical and biophysical properties; coupling of compartmental modeling to morphological modeling (TREES toolbox)

Research module, block

MSc, PhD (1st year)

programming experience
Programming languages: NEURON (hoc, NMODL), Matlab, TREES toolbox

Clinical Neuroanatomy, Goethe University Frankfurt

Jedlicka et al.
Winter and summer, 4-6 weeks /

Extension of this block course in the form of MSc thesis projects is available for highly interested and motivated students

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