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Berlin Additional Topics Block course

Mathematics Prep-Course

This course is intended as a refreshment of mathematical tools of analysis, linear algebra and statistics which will be necessary for the CNS students in the first year. Students will acquire broadmathematical knowledge of functions in one resp. several real variables, in linear algebra, in differential equations, in probability theory and statistics, as needed for Computational Neuroscience. Basic mathematical skills for the analysis and approximation of functions, solutions of differential equations and signals, for solving linear systems and systems of ordinary differential equations will be refreshed.
Participants will learn to apply mathematical foundations to the modeling and analysis of neural data and to use basic mathematical techniques to problems in Computational Neuroscience with guided assistance.

Lecture, block


Maths: 3 semesters
Programming: none
Neuroscience: none

BCCN Berlin

Winter, semester break, 2 weeks / 4 ECTS

Two-week course before new MSc students start their first term (Sep-Oct)

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