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Bremen Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Theoretical Neurosciences: Computational Neuroscience I

Introduction to fundamental concepts in Computational Neuroscience. In the first term, we will study basic encoding and decoding schemes, analysis of neural signals, and the dynamics of single neurons. In the second term, we will focus on synapses and neural networks, and study emergent phenomena such as computation and classification, learning and memory, pattern formation, and synchronization.

Lecture, Math exercises,
weekly (alternating lecture/

Master, (Bachelor)

Maths: 1 semester
Programming: none
Neuroscience: none

University of Bremen

Ernst et al.
Winter, starting on 5th of November 2019 / 2 ECTS

Lecture and exercises 2 semester hours per week: Block course from Dec. 2, 2019 to Jan. 24, 2020 Tuesday and Friday, 14:00-16:00
Lectures will be held in Cognium, Room 1030

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