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Bremen Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Theoretical Neurosciences: Computational Neuroscience II

Follow-up to course "Computational Neuroscience I" held in Winter Semester: Here we will focus on synapses and neural networks, and study emergent phenomena such as computation and classification, learning and memory, pattern formation, and synchronization.

Math + Programming exercises/
weekly (alternating lect/exerc.)

Master, (Bachelor)

Maths: 1 sem.
Programming: basic
Neuroscience: basic
Programming language: Matlab or Python

University of Bremen

Ernst, Pawelzik et al.
Summer, weekly, 2h per week, every Friday lecture 2-4 pm, exercises 12-2 pm / 2 ECTS

Prepatory meeting: Friday, 17.04.2020

For more information contact Udo Ernst udo - at -