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Cologne Data Analysis Block course

Advanced Course on Neural Data Analysis

This advanced course aims at providing deeper insights in state-of-the-art questions in neuroscience, analysis approaches and how to formalize questions to neuronal data so they can be answered quantitatively. The course addresse ecellent master studetns and PhD students interested in data analytics and in getting hands-on experience in the analysis of electrophysiological data (multiple-parallel spike trains and local field potentials). In the first week of the course, international experts will give lectures on statistical data analysis and data mining methods with accompanied exercises. In the second week the participants will pursue their own data analysis projects on a common data set.

Lectures, Tutorial, Exercises,

MSc, PhD

Good programming skills, background in mathematics (algebra) and statistics
Programming language: Python

Jülich Research Center, University of Cologne,  LMU Munich/German Neuroinformatics Node/
Jülich/Cologne (Haus Overbach)

Organizers: Gruen, Nawrot, Wachtler et al.
Spring, block, 2.5 weeks, 14.04.-2020-30.04.2020 / 6 ECTS

Deadline for application is November 15, 2019.

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