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Göttingen Theoretical Neuroscience Block seminar

Neural Networks and Information Processing

An introductory meeting will take place on Wednesday, 24th of October at 12:15 at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization, room 0.77
The block seminar will take place in the week 18.-22. February 2019
Programming skills are required. The number of participants is limited to 15.
Inspired by the architecture of the human brain, artificial neural networks have been developed in the past decades to process and solve various types of tasks. To understand processing in such networks, a natural framework is provided by information theory. The seminar will focus on information theory to study the design, dynamics, and function of such networks.
The seminar is organized as a block seminar, in the spirit of summer schools or code jams. The students choose a topic to work on in small groups, preparing the background theory, implementing the main results, and ideally obtaining novel insights based on their own research projects within the block seminar.

Block seminar, 1 week

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Selforganization, Göttingen

Priesemann, Levina et al.
18.02.2019 to 22.02.2019, Introductionary meeting on 24.10.2018 /