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Göttingen Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience: Collective dynamics of biological neural Networks II

Introduction to Neurophysics, Modeling and Methods, Nonlinear Dynamics, Statistical Physics, Neurobiology, Neural Networks. This lecture course offers an introduction to advanced modeling strategies for biological neural networks. After a short introduction to the biophysics of single cells and an overview of their basic firing patterns, we explain fundamental properties of networks models of neurons, starting from simple uniform connectivity and progressing to spatially extended and to arbitrarily complex interaction networks. These network models explain and predict key dynamical aspects of neural circuits, including irregular activity of cortical dynamics, feature selectivity, self-organization of neural maps, and the coordination of precisely timed spikes across networks. The summer term course has its focus on neural field models.


MSc or BSc (Physics, Mathematics, Applied Informatics)

Institute für Nichtlineare Dynamik, departement of physics, Univesity of Göttingen

Wolf, Priesemann et al.
Summer, weekly, 2h per week / 3 ECTS

Language: English

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