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The  small private online course (SPOC) "Network Neuroscience" provides a broad overview on recent research regarding Network Neuroscience with the following topics presented by members of the SFB 936:

  • "Network development" by Ileana Hanganu-Opatz
  • "Network plasticity" by Fabio Morellini
  • "Concepts of brain connectivity" by Claus Hilgetag
  • "Methods in network neuroscience" by Guido Nolte
  • "Functional networks in ongoing" by Caroline Garcia Forlim
  • "Static network models" by Siavash Haghiri
  • "Network mechanisms and attention" by Andreas Engel
  • "Cortical network dynamics in decision-making" by Tobias Donner
  • "Pain and pain modulation" by Christian Büchel
  • "Cortico-pontine networks in headache and facial pain" by Arne May
  • "Augmentation of neuronal network plasticity in schizophrenia" by Jürgen Gallinat
  • "Subcortico-cortical networks and deep-brain stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease" by Christian Moll and Monika Pötter-Nerger
  • "Stroke and networks" by Christian Gerloff
Here are some formal information about the online course:
  • The video material takes about 5 hours to watch plus the time you need to answer the quizzes following each video.
  • The different lectures are split in video chunks.
  •  After each chunk, you are asked to answer 1-4 multiple choice questions.
  •  Upon successful completion (min. 80 % correct rate) at the end of the course, you will receive a participation certificate and 1 credit point for your participation.
Participation and registration is free of charge, but registration requires:
  • your full name and affiliation
  • your academic level
  • name and email address of your academic supervisor (to whom it may apply)

Seminar recordings

MSc, PhD


University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg

weekly, Semester is flexible /
Please contact Sina A. Trautmann-Lengsfeld ( via email including the above information. We look forward to hearing from you.
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