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Jülich Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Models of neurons, synapses and networks; concepts of neuronal coding and cortical information processing; plasticity and learning. Data analysis and visualization by self-written programs; Usage of scientific programming languages (Matlab and Python), also for documenting the analyses; hypothesis tests by numerically generated modified data ('surrogate data'); Simulation of neuronal circuits.

Lecture and exercise, weekly

MSc (biology, physics, ect.)

mathematical background; considerable advantage: programm skills
Programming language: Python

RWTH Aachen University, Jülich

Grün et al.
Winter, 3h per week / biology: 6 ECTS; math: 7,5 ECTS; physics: 10 ECTS

This course is taught in combination with "Cortical Structure and Function" taught during the winter semester. This course can also function as Computational Neuroscience (I), if "Cortical Structure and Function" is used as (II). However, I is not a prerequisite for II.

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