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Magdeburg Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Spiking Networks

Special mathematical and statistical tools are required to model and analyze biologically plausible networks of spiking neurons. The course offers a step-­by-­step introduction to stochastic dynamical systems up to and including current mean-­field approaches to recurrent networks of spiking neurons. Stochastic variables, stochastic processes, interval distributions, autocorrelation and power spectrum, Wiener process and white noise, LIF neurons with Poisson input, diffusion limit, Fokker-­Planck equation of VIF neuron, mean-­field theory of recurrently connected populations, application to decision making and confidence. In the practical part, students simulate and analyze recurrent networks of spiking neurons on the basis of Matlab and Neuron.  

Lecture, exercise, tutorial, weekly

MSc, PhD

MSc level algebra and calculus, Matlab programming

Institute for Biology, OvGU Magdeburg

Winter, weekly, 2h per week / 4 ECTS
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