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Magdeburg Theoretical Neuroscience Running lecture

Theoretical neuroscience I

Based on Chapters 5-­6 and Chapters 1-­4 of Dayan & Abbott. Electrochemical equilibrium and Nernst Equation, equivalent circuits for single-­compartment model, leaky integrate-­and-­fire model, Hodgkin-­Huxley and Connor-­Stevens models of action potential, cable equation and neuron morphology, characterizing neuronal responses with tuning curves and receptive fields, signal-­ detection theory and psychometric function, comparison of neuronal and behavioural responses with neurometric function, population coding, statistically efficient decoding with maximum likelihood and maximum a posteriori likelihood, introduction to Shannon information, application of Shannon information to neural responses.

Lecture, exercise, tutorial, weekly

MSc, PhD

BSc level algebra and calculus, Matlab programming

Institute for Biology, OvGU Magdeburg

Winter, 2h+2h+2h per week / 5 ECTS
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