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MidsummerBrains: Quantifying nonlinear representations in the visual systems

Computational neuroscience is a highly interdisciplinary field ranging from mathematics, physics and engineering to biology, medicine and psychology.

Interdisciplinary collaborations have resulted in many groundbreaking innovations both in the research and application.

The basis for successful collaborations is the ability to communicate across disciplines: What projects are the others working on? Which techniques and methods are they using? How is data collected, used and stored?

In the MidsummerBrains colloquium, experts from the SMARTSTART faculty describe their view on computational neuroscience in theory and application, and share experiences they had with interdisciplinary projects.

This is a recording of the lecture "Quantifying nonlinear representations in the visual systems", held by Fabian Sinz, group leader of the neuronal intelligence lab in Tübingen as part of the CyberValley initiative (

He is talking about the difficulties of nonlinear representations and what black boxes mean for machine learning.

Online lecture, colloquium

All students of computational neuroscience


SMARTSTART in collaboration with the University of Tübingen

Fabian Sinz
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