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Psychoacoustics and Audiological Applications

Binaural hearing: binaural cues, masking, directional hearing, movement perception, precedence effect, models; Hearing impairment: Kinds of hearing impairment, frequency selectivity and auditory filters, masking and across-frequency processes, loudness and recruitment, temporal and
spectral processing, pitch perception, models of peripheral processing; Speech understanding: cues, models (Articulation Index, Speech Intelligibility Index), binaural speech understanding, effect of noise and reverberation on speech understanding; Auditory scene analysis; Music perception: Harmony,
consonance, dissonance; Hearing aids: function and algorithms; Cochlear implants: function, algorithms, temporal and spectral resolution, speech understanding.

Lecture with integrated exercises, weekly

MSc, PhD

TUM, Munich

Seeber et al.
Winter, 2h+2h per week / 6 ECTS

Lecture held in English

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