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Magdeburg Theoretical Neuroscience Online

Online Lecture: Theoretical Neuroscience II

Here you find recordings of the course Theoretical Neuroscience II, held by Jochen Braun at the University of Magdeburg.

Individual topics:

  1. Firing rate models
  2. Feedforward networks
  3. Assiciative memory
  4. State-space analysis
  5. Hebbian models of plasticity
  6. Stable Hebbian plasticity
  7. Hebbian learning and development
  8. Reinforcement learning I - Rescorla-Wagner rule
  9. Reinforcement learning II - Temporal difference learning
  10. Reinforcement learning III - Policy learning
  11. Reinforcement learning IV - Actor-critic models
  12. Causal models
  13. Principal component analysis
  14. Sparse coding
  15. Independent component analysis

University of Magdeburg

Jochen Braun
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